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NUACM Officer Positions

Josh Caron March 22, 2014

NUACM is doing a general interest meeting for next year's eboard, and we want you to consider running for a position!

Learn more about what being an NUACM officer is like, why we enjoy running cool events (talks, workshops, hackathons, BBQs), and how you can run for office.

The meeting will be on April 11, and you can RSVP on Facebook.

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GitHub's Integrated Systems: A Tale of APIs, Repos, and Webhooks

10/22 06:00 PM WVG 104

Kyle Daigle from GitHub is coming to talk about GitHub's developer integration systems, and that technology that forms the backbones of GitHub and makes all your version control goodness happen.

GitHub's platform is used by thousands of developers all around the world to integrate their systems and applications with GitHub repositories. Along with the API, GitHub delivers near real-time webhook notifications when your repository is updated. At this talk, Kyle will discuss what webhooks are, how they are used and implemented at GitHub, and the various systems it takes to deliver millions of webhook deliveries a year.

A special appearance will be made by GitHub stickers. You know, the kind that's on everyone's laptops.

And as usual, pizza. Perhaps more pepperoni this time.

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